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Polyamide Face Mask Amni Virus Bac-Off - Kit with 2

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Developed to efficiently combat the proliferation of bacteria and the transmission of viruses in textile articles, the AMNI VIRUS-BAC OFF offers protection against bacteria and viruses, thanks to the antiviral and antibacterial agent inserted in the fabric polymer matrix, offering protection , comfort and well-being, remaining for the entire lifetime of the piece.

Sanitized ready to use, Virus Inactive, Double Layer.

How to Put on the Mask:

The mask is individual and should not be shared with anyone, not even family members.

Before putting on the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, drying them well, and then placing the mask carefully, covering the mouth and nose, and fitting it securely to minimize the spaces between the face and the mask.

How to remove the Mask:

Step 1 - When removing the mask, first, wash your hands with soap and water, drying them well, so then you can remove it.

Step 2 - Remove the mask by taking the side strap, avoiding touching the front.

Step 3 - Place the used mask in a plastic bag and reserve, as soon as possible, to carry out the washing procedure.

Step 4 - Wash your hands again with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

- Change the mask whenever it becomes dirty or wet;
- Discard the mask whenever it shows signs of deterioration or compromised functionality.
- The continuous use of high concentrations of chlorine during washing can change the color of the product, however, its functions remain unchanged.

Mask washing and sanitizing:

Step 1 - Arriving at home, wash the used masks with a solution of drinking water and liquid detergent in the proportion of 5ml of detergent to 1 liter of water and leave them to soak for 30 minutes. After immersion time, rinse in running water;

Step 2 - Let it dry in the shade;

Step 3 - After it dries, place it in a clean container so that
there is no contamination until use.

Remember that the mask must be dry for reuse.

The Zero Sewing Virus Bac-Off Masks are basic and essential for the moment we are living.

Composition: 98% Polyamide and 2% spandex.

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